Ceramics Residencies as HOBBY HOLIDAYS
at Atali Ganga and Camp Bagi

A few times a year, The Clay Company offers open ceramics residency programs on specific topics of interest. These are held usually at

  • Atali Ganga near Rishikesh – Oct through Mar
  • Camp Bagi on the River Tons (Photo – Right) – May and June

These programs are structured around a topic of ceramics and range from 2 to 5 days. Materials, accommodation, ceramics instruction and food are usually included in the cost of these programs and most of these programs are open to anyone interested in ceramics and do not require much prior experience with ceramics.

All such programs offer options to include cultural activities and soft/interim level adventure activities with the package, and individuals are encouraged to add these to the experience.

Partners and friends are also welcome on such courses and we are happy to work separately with them to build customized itineraries for them to make sure they enjoy their holiday as much as their partners/friends working with clay!Watch this space for a calendar of workshops for the year or request us to add you to our database by writing in to info@theclaycompany.in so we can keep you informed of upcoming workshops.

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TCC conducts short multi-day ceramics workshops & residency programs for Groups at our pop-up studio at Atali Ganga in Rishikesh & at our summer camp – Camp Bagi