Throwing COURSE

14 Sessions
This is an advanced course and for students looking to take their throwing skills to the next level.  This course focuses entirely on wheel work and the student spends all 14 classes on the wheel. There is no hand-building in this course at all except for completion of pieces.

Course Objective:

  • Make the student independent on the wheel
  • Ensure the student learns the various aspects of completing a piece on the wheel centering, coning, pulling, turning, etc.
  • Equip the student with skills needed to complete simple clay projects based on throwing
  • Introduce the student to basics of making feet, handles, spouts and lids
  • Have the student come away at the end of the course with 12 complete pieces, including a complete tea-set (tea-pot, 2 cups/mugs, milk jug, sugar pot)

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You have 6 months to complete your course because we realise how busy you are – be it work, travel, home, family – there are a million demands on your time.