SINGLE 2.5 hour Session
Clay is an immensely therapeutic and meditative medium. The single Taster session is designed to introduce this amazing feel of the medium to those who have never had a chance to try it before!

The Taster Class is a single HANDS-ON session of 2.5 hours.  The objective of this single session is to give the guest an opportunity to experience our studio, its environment, our teaching style and most importantly, a chance to experience the medium, ie. clay!

The class starts with a brief introduction to pottery and ceramics as a whole.  This is followed by a demonstration on the wheel and then you get started with clay.  The 2.5 hour session allows you to relax, enjoy yourself and try your hand at this beautiful and versatile medium!  

Typically a guest is able to make 2 pieces at the end of this session – of course with help from our experienced instructors.

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