Anandita Banerjee

Anandita manages our Nehru Place studio and runs the complex schedules of classes, production, bisque firings, glaze firings, material ordering, housekeeping and pretty much everything you can think of!  She makes sure the studio is an inviting place - clean, and organised, fun and interesting.  Making sure the temperature is comfortable and the music is just RIGHT!  A place where creativity flows and our guests feel at home.  For us, she makes the studio the lovely place of warmth it is!

Anandita has a very interesting background - she comes from a family of musicians, but has opted out of the profession herself.  Both her parents are music teachers and her brother is a sound engineer and musician doing his own gigs after having worked with the likes of The Piano Man, Jazz Club.  She loves the outdoors and has a passion for learning new things - thats probably what brought us together!  

Bengali origins, schooling in Gwalior, and then went to M. S. University, Vadodara Gujarat for a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Majors in Art history.  She then left for the big bad world of Delhi to study Odissi (and Indian classical dance form) at Sri Ram Bharatiya Kala Kendra.  In parallel she completed an undergraduate degree from EILLM, Sikkim through a long distance learning program.  

In keeping with her quest to do new things and venture into unknown territories, she then volunteered as a Facilitator/trainer for the Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition to the Chamba Valley Uttrakhand, with Outward Bound India.

So here's to our lovely multi-faceted, multi-talented young Anandita!