Arun Mukhuty

Arun has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Benaras Hindu University, 1992-96 in Pottery & Ceramics. 

Work Experience:•He has worked as the CERAMIC INSTRUCTOR at Sanskriti Kendra, A Delhi Blue Ceramics Centre at Anandgram, Delhi, since 2006  

  • GUEST LECTURER FOR CERAMICS, I.I.C.D. Jaipur, Rajasthan, 2012
  • ASSISTANT STUDIO POTTER, with International famed ceramist Mr. P.R. Daroz, Ayanagar Studio, New Delhi, 2000-2001
  • Developed Ceramic Murals for different projects in Bombay, Ahmedabad, Chennai
  • PROJECT DEVELOPER, under the scheme “Pottery” in Parel Trust organized by Poulami Avayantar (a Nationally acclaimed social worker), Bhuj, Gujarat, 2002
  • Project on developing techniques to move traditional style of working in Terracotta to Stoneware including surface decoration and glazing
  • CERAMIC FREELANCE ARTIST Rashtriya Lalit Kala Academy, Kolkata, 1997 to 2000
  • CERAMICS INSTRUCTOR, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, 1999

Key Exhibitions:•“Mrittika -2” Group Exhibition at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal 2014.

  • “Medley in ceramics – 4” group exhibition at “The Renaissance – Art Studio” Pune 2014
  • “Tiles Forever” group exhibition at Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2012
  • “Clay works” group exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 2012
  • Journey through Clay, 50 years of Contemporary Studio Ceramics, group exhibition, Habitat Centre curated by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, New Delhi, 2011
  • Indo- Australia Pottery Exhibition curated by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, New Delhi,2010
  • Annual Art Exhibition, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, New Delhi, 2009
  • MAATI, ‘Exploration in Terracotta’, a group show by Indian and International Artists organized by Delhi Blue Pottery at India Habitat Centre, Delhi, Feburary 2009
  • Harmony show curated by Tina Ambani, Mumbai, 2008
  • Group Exhibition at Rashtrapati Bhawan,curated by Ministry of Culture, New Delhi, 2007
  • Birla Annual Exhibition curated by Birla Academy, Kolkata, 200

Ela Mukherjee(associated with TCC for the Pottery Barn Workshop conducted in collaboration with Little Black Book Delhi)

Ela Mukherjee has a master degree in English literature from Calcutta  University. She was initiated into clay by her sculptor husband before she joined Ms. Rachna Parasher for further training in ceramics. Later she went to Kansas State University, USA (2006-07 ) on a Fulbrite Scholarship to do further study in ceramics, which was followed by Charles Wallace India Trust grant to go and work at Newcastle University, UK in 2008.

Ela was awarded Junior Fellowship by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India in 2000-02.

She has participated in various exhibitions in India and abroad.

She has been conducting workshops for last fifteen years and  had done  few overseas. She has been a visiting faculty in College of Art, Delhi. Presently she teaches as visiting faculty  in design schools, apart from working in ceramics at her Delhi studio. 

Somnath Raha(associated with TCC for Two-Day Foundation Workshop conducted by TCC in collaboration with AVID Learning, an Essar Foundation Initiative)

Somnath Raha did his BFA from Govt College of Art & Craft, Kolkata (2009) & MFA from Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan (2011).

He received Badhan Das Award for Best Ceramic Sculptor (2008) and Sunil Das Award for Best Ceramic Installation (2009).

Participated in•‘Inner-Eye’ Annual Art Exhibition, Birla Academy, 2003

  • Govt College of Art & Craft Annual Art Exhibitions: 2005, ‘06, ’07, ’08 & ’09
  • Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibitions: 2007, ’08, ’09, ’11
  • Annual Exhibition of Charukala Parishad: 2008, ’09
  • Indian Society of Oriental Art Annual Exhibitions: 2008, ’09
  • State Academy Annual Art Exhibition: 2009
  • Visva Bharati (Kala Bhavan) Annual Exhibition: 2010
  • Birla Annual Art Exhibition: 2011
  • Group Exhibitions:
    • Gallery 88, Kolkata: “ Art of the Land & Land in Art”, 2010
    • Gallery Chemould: 2008
    • Artvisual Art Gallery: 2008
    • Creative Circle at Birla Academy of  Art & Culture: 2009
    • Academy of Fine Arts; 2009

Our Panel

Manisha Bhattacharya

1961-2015 (Manisha was the Senior Artist on our panel and had been associated with TCC since inception playing a key role in all our events - American Embassy School Workshops, Pottery Barn, Avid Workshops. We will be forever grateful for her support, guidance and friendship!)

​Manisha Bhattacharya has been working in the field of ceramics for over two decades. She currently works out of her sky-view terrace-studio in Delhi. She has also been a Visiting Faculty at the Delhi College of Art. Manisha, a Fulbrite scholar, has received training from the New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University [2003- 2004].

The Charles Wallace India Trust Award in 2001 took her to the School of Art& Design, Univ. of Cardiff. In 1992, she went to study under Jane Hamlyn in Leeds, U.K. on an Inlaks Grant. Manisha was awarded the Senior Fellowship [2006- 08] and the Junior Fellowship [1997- 99] by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.

She learnt pottery from Deborah Smith & Ray Meekar at Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry [1989- 90], Nirmala Patwardhan at Garhi [1984- 85] and Mansimran Singh at Delhi Blue Pottery and has participated in various exhibitions and workshops in India and abroad.•“Satyagraha – A Soul Force”, Spain & Durban/Johannesburg, [South Africa]

  • Tokoname International Ceramic Fair, Tokoname, [Japan]
  • Turner Gallery, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred. New York [USA] 
  • “Keeping in Touch” [Germany]
  • International Ceramic Biennale, Cairo, [Egypt]
  • Ceramic Triennale, Karachi [Pakistan]
  • British Council , New Delhi [India]
  • Harmony Show, Nehru Centre, Mumbai [India]