Our teaching and classes are tailored to meet your busy schedule. We are here for you when you have time to spend on clay.  With The Clay Company, you will never miss a class you have paid for.  Just let us know a day in advance which session you want to come in for, and we will be ready for you!

We also have an in-house line of artists apparel… work wear that is practical, stylish and super comfortable.  Our work wear transitions seamlessly from work to your social life - step out of the studio after hours of hard work and into the nearest bar to catch that well earned glass of Chardonnay without having to carry a change!  

Contact us for more details on our line of apparel.

About Us

The Clay Company is a niche art company - focused on pottery and ceramics.  Our mission is to make the joy of working with clay accessible, convenient and fun! We hold ceramics classes for adults... and our classes are specially designed to ensure that any adult interested in working with clay can fit our classes into his/her schedule.  

TCC was founded by Aparna Choudhrie in 2011. Aparna has an undergraduate degree in Economics from St Stephens
College and a masters degree in Business from Carnegie Mellon University.  She has spent 13+ years in the corporate world in leadership roles with PriceWaterHouse Coopers, GE/Genpact and Infosys BPO.  She started The Clay Company with a vision to share this therapeutic art form with men and women of today living fast paced, stressful lives!

​​All levels of practitioners are welcome at TCC and our instructors will customize your lessons to take your skills to the next level.  We take the development of your skill seriously and have created a fairly structured approach to teaching pottery.  When you come in to see us, we will conduct a needs assessment and then recommend which course you should take with TCC and how you should proceed in order to meet your goals.